Corporate Social Responsibility

At Courts we believe in generating value for our society, and we know that each interaction carries with it the possibility of creating something great, of leaving a mark on the lives of one or more people.
As part of our Sustainability strategy, we continue to provide support to communities, under our Social Pillar, assuming our role as a change agent and thus being able to continue fulfilling this important responsibility. In addition, our social responsibility and sustainability strategy we developed activities that build social, economic, and environmental value.
We continue taking giant steps through the implementation of various Corporate Social Responsibility Programs, some of which are:


Social Value



Courts Barbados Prides itself on having a strong Corporate Social Responsability focus and recognizes the importance of giving back to our community. The recent donation made to the Variety Club of $7,500 will go a long way to helping this organization provide assistance to the children across our nation. Shown above are Mrs Trisha Tannis Managing of Courts and Ms Donna Russell of the Variety Club.


Courts Computer Camp children and teachers during the Graduation Presentation

For more information of Court’s, a Unicomer Group brand, social responsibility, and sustainability programs, please visit Unicomer Group’s website