Corporate Social Responsibility

At Courts we believe in generating value for our society, and we know that each interaction carries with it the possibility of creating something great, of leaving a mark on the lives of one or more people.
As part of our Sustainability strategy, we continue to provide support to communities, under our Social Pillar, assuming our role as a change agent and thus being able to continue fulfilling this important responsibility. In addition, our social responsibility and sustainability strategy we developed activities that build social, economic, and environmental value.
We continue taking giant steps through the implementation of various Corporate Social Responsibility Programs, some of which are:


Social Value


After taking stock of the havoc Tropical Storm Erika wreaked on the Nature isle of Dominica, the management of Courts OECS pledges support of over $50,000 in products to the victims who need them most. The recipients were identified by the Red Cross Organisation and over the next week, Courts will be working closely with the organisation, to get the items to those persons identified. The donation will come in the form of mattresses and table-top cookers. Residents of Petite Savanne, who had to be evacuated as a result of the damage caused by the storm, will be amongst the recipients of this huge donation by Courts. The donation comes at a crucial period where sleeping comfort and food emergences are of paramount concern. Courts will be shipping mattresses from its operations in Antigua and St.Vincent via the Red Cross in these islands to get to Dominica early next week. The donation of stoves was handed over to the Red Cross in Dominica this week. Employees of the superstore were not left without assistance as those affected were visited by Senior Management and received assistance in the form of household essentials and groceries. Courts would like to extend condolences to the families of persons who lost loved ones as a result of the storm as it pledges this support to the people of Dominica. Together we can work to help our country return to some level of normalcy and we encourage all to join the efforts and pledge support to Dominica.

March 2013

Courts Community Action Partnership

Courts Dominica Limited continues its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the Dominican public. On Friday 15th of March, 2013 we will continue our CSR program under branding C-CAP Courts Community Action Partnership, this project was launched in August of 2011.

We want to undertake a new project on an annual basis outside of the company’s regular Donation budget. Courts will put aside an undisclosed sum of money to do a major project in any one community.

Community Action Partnership (CAP) is expected to bring communities and Courts together engaging both parties in community building partnerships for the greater good. The company will make available the funds and the staff will provide the labour/support for the project. Courts hopes by venturing into that area of social responsibility that they will be able to foster greater bonds of unity with the community and complement socialising among staff and community while fostering change within its environment.

Over the years we have gone through great lengths to assist the less fortunate in our community through day-to-day donations, “Big Hearts” and most recently “Christmas Hampers and “Courts Wish List”, these gestures on our part have undoubtedly made a big difference in the lives of our fellow men but this year, we will be going more in-depth, taking a hands-on approach with a repeat of Big Hearts.

This year, we have selected the:

1. Colihaut Primary School

2. Alpha Centre

 Both institutions are well-deserving of a make-over and assistance .

The Objective of this project is to work in partnership with local communities to eliminate the causes and conditions of poverty as well as to promote Courts, as not only number one in furniture and appliances but number one in community service support.


For more information of Court’s, a Unicomer Group brand, social responsibility, and sustainability programs, please visit Unicomer Group’s website